Fog Spikes

Talking to London Fire Fighters they highlighted that they felt they didn’t have all the best possible kit to fight fires in London. Specifically they don’t have fog spikes…
Kent Fire Brigade have introduced Fog Spikes – short video long video
The fire fighters I know lamented that they don’t have this kit. That they thought it would really help fight a variety of fires better.
Kent Fire Brigade summaries it as:
“Fog spike is used to punch holes into a structure and deliver water into the inside of compartments, rooms, or voids within a building, creating a super-fine misting effect that can dramatically reduce the temperature and spread of a fire.

Being able to tackle a fire in this way means property can be preserved more effectively, firefighting time is dramatically cut and firefighters are safer while carrying out their duties, as the risk of backdraughts and flashovers are also reduced.”

Helpfully GLA Assembly Member has asked the London Mayor about this…

London Fire Brigade – Fog Spike – Question No: 2017/3837 Caroline Pidgeon

Kent Fire Brigade has introduced fog spike, a tool used to punch holes into a structure and deliver water into the inside, which dramatically reduces the spread of a fire.  Will you look at introducing this kit for all London firefighters?  If so, what would be the timeframe for its introduction?

Written response from the Mayor

London Fire Brigade (LFB) recognises the safety benefits that fog spikes and other water misting technologies can provide firefighters as an additional tool during operational response. Work is already underway to identify funding to explore how these types of technologies could be trailed and utilised within London’s complex built environment to assist in minimising the disruption and financial impact fires have on the community and business.



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