Peckham Lorry Death

I was initially very saddened to hear of the lady killed crossing the road in Peckham by a lorry 4 September. What a waste.

This has now turned to anger from the reports that almost no one did anything to help the tragic lady concerned in her last moments of life. Instead they gawped taking photos and videos. That’s bad enough but then posted them on online. At best this shows crass disregard for a fellow human being. At worst is just plain evil.

This case has really shone a light that we need UK laws to enforce the good samaritan principle but more importantly to create a duty to rescue that so many other, it would appear, more civilised countries have. Without this the culture of bystanding will only increase and get worse.

In the mean time I hope local newspapers can help name and shame the terrible people that didn’t allow this lady to die with some shred of dignity.


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