Southwark Civic Awards 2015

Nominations for the 2015 Southwark Civic Awards should be submitted by the 31 January 2015.

These awards are recommended by the Southwark Civic Association an independent non-political organisation. The actual awards are then confirmed by Southwark Councillors.

There are two main categories of Award, which satisfy most circumstances: Letter of Commendation or Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Boroughs of Southwark, Bermondsey or Camberwell

In addition, and in exceptional circumstances, there are options for further Awards, as appropriate: Mayor’s Discretionary Award, Southwark Lifetime Award, Young Southwark Civic Award and something … of the Year Award


Letter of Commendation – A Letter of Commendation may be awarded to a nominee who has demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the life of the local community, usually for a period exceeding five years.

Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough – A Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough will be considered when a nominee has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the life of the community, usually for a period exceeding ten years.

Mayor’s Discretionary Award – A Mayor’s Discretionary Award may be made to an individual/organisation that, during the Mayor’s term of office, has attracted special notice for exceptional community activity.

Southwark Lifetime Award – A Southwark Lifetime Award may be recommended where an individual has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the life of the community, typically for a period exceeding twenty years.

Young Southwark Civic Award A Young Southwark Civic Award may be made to a young person of 18 and under who has demonstrated exceptional community spirit and civic responsibility but, by virtue of their age, is ineligible for a Letter of Commendation.

… of the Year Award – An ‘…. of the Year Award’ may be made where a nominee’s contribution is considered to be an outstanding example of a specific commitment, action or activity in the year of nomination. Some may be made in conjunction with Volunteer Centre Southwark and Community Action Southwark.


An individual whose unpaid voluntary activity is unrelated to, or additional to, the nominee’s current employment

A community group, organisation or business which is based in, and/or benefits the Southwark community.


Serving members of the Court of the Southwark Civic Association

Current elected members of Southwark Council

Employees of Southwark Council (unless for unpaid voluntary activity which is unrelated to or additional to current employment)

Previous Honorands of equal or greater Awards



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