London Fuel Poverty

Gas and electricity costs are still rising leading to more people being placed in fuel poverty – where the proportion of household spend on fuel is greater than 10% of income to keep the household sensible warm. So not just warm in one room but the whole property.
Currently in London 9.4% are defined as in fuel poverty. The government is consulting on changing the definition of fuel poverty. As a result, nearly all English regions see a fall in the number of fuel poor households in their area. But in London the proportion will rise from 9.4% to 14.1% and more truly reflect the extent of fuel poverty in London.
This should help rectify the small proportion of energy efficiency spending Londoners have seen from energy company obligations. We’ve yet to se the Green Deal which started in October making a difference.
In East Dulwich we still see many homes with no insulation in lofts and the fuel homes with cavity walls have yet ot have them insulated.

2 thoughts on “London Fuel Poverty

  1. Helen Dudden says:

    Have you completed your Decent Homes within the social housing sector? Still way behind here in the west country. I feel that those in social housing have been forgotten, ther Green Deal would not be fair to them.

  2. James Barber says:

    Sadly not but a large programme of loft and cavity wall insulation has been completed on our council properties seperately to the Decent Homes programme.

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