Teenage pregnancies

Figures released last week show teenage pregnancies in Southwark fell in 2009/10. The fall was dramatic with 192 conceptions in Southwark by those under 18 in 2010 compared to 233 in 2009 and 318 in 1998.

What fantastic news. I’m really pleased that the work done by the previous Lib Dem administration which ended two months after the 2009/10 period has resulted in such a huge reduction in teenage pregnancies.

But will this rate of conception stay here or go lower?

Part of teenage pregnancy is seeing others do it so clearly that part of the equation is lower but also the effort put into tackling this problem. Sadly Labour led Southwark Council has cut that funding by 54% undermining all this good work. Only time will tell what will happen but it doesn’t look good for our most vulnerable young people.

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