CO2 every little helps

I was chuffed to see that my suggestion to Southwark Council to discourage people using its Tooley Street HQ offices side doors has been taken up.

The side doors are used by most people working at Tooley Street and when used these huge double doors let all the heat out. They cause such a draft that the council has huge heated blowers installed just inside them.

So far one sign on one of the doors encouraging everyone who can to use the adjacent revolving doors. Revolving doors keep significantly more heat in so saving on the heating bills, reducing energy used, CO2 produced and happily saving council tax payers money.

So far the council officers have been resistant. I’ve asked for the other door to have a sign added as well. Fingers crossed that the exhortations for council officers are heeded. Everyone needs to change habits if we’re to have a pleasant UK for our kids and their kids into the future. And avoiding a 4 degree rise in temperatures is key to that.

2 thoughts on “CO2 every little helps

  1. bernie john says:

    The doors are currently not being used as they are broken

  2. RC says:

    I went to the building for a meeting and think the sign is a great idea but there was a barrier across this door when I went, and on other days when I’ve been passing. I was with a wheelchair user and we couldn’t get in!

    Perhaps the door was just broken, but I also saw some confused people with folding bikes not sure how to get in either. Perhaps there’s another entrance people are meant to be using that staff know about.

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