Dodgy councillor

I was saddened to read that Labour councillor Keadean Rhodean has again been convicted for benefit fraud.

Apparently she’ll be back in court in November for re sentencing.

She intends to appeal but her grounds sound shaky “I was a struggling student, battling serious health issues”.

What I felt was even more shocking was that she is reported as stating that senior Southwark Labour people knew she had this court case pending but told her not to worry and she’s then quoted as saying “They told me not to worry. They said it would be okay and that I should contuine to put myself forward becasue they had few black candidates and no young, black women candidates” she then is quoted as saying “I would not have continued if they had not encouraged me to do so”.

Another example of Southwark Labour being willing to do anything to get elected.

3 thoughts on “Dodgy councillor

  1. martin white says:

    your head sounds shaky my friend. Do yourself a favour an get all the facts of the case before you make your comments.

  2. James Barber says:

    Hi Martin,
    Which facts do you believe to be incorrect and why?

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