2 thoughts on “East Dulwich double yelllow lines Sheet1

  1. Craig says:

    Very disappointed by your stance on this. Parking by both cars and vans at junctions often hampers crossing at junctions, particularly for children and the elderly. It would be more productive If you insisted on people sharing buying smaller cars and getting rid of diesels than pandering to car lobby. A 2m prohibition will be totally inadequate.

  2. 2 metres is a very small distance – that’s 2 paces. that won’t stretch back to the pedestrian crossing point on most pavements. Also on Druce Road there is a serious visibility risk when trying to exit the junction. This is about making safe walking routes for children. Highway code proposes 10 metres and this was evaluated using proper research – not the casual views of local car parking enthusiasts and councillors. This feels like self centred Donald Trump style politics to me: ill informed and unscientific.

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