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Farcical Southwark Cycle Strategy

by James Barber on 24 October 2014

Tuesday evening Southwark Labour agreed their Southwark Cycling Strategy. It has a number iof flaws. One of the most stark omissions beign around ensuring cycle facilities stay open. One of the key objectives from a cyclsits perspectibe: “Objective 2.6 Maintain cycling infrstructure and surfaces as part of our maintenance work programmes” While they were doing […]

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Private Sector Licensing

by James Barber on

Southwark Council at last has been exploring licensing private sector landlords. Sadly this isn’t proposed so much to ensure better housing conditions and to resolve rogue landlords but rather to reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB). The plan will add landlord licensing for all Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s), single family homes in streets with ASB with […]

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London Airport Auctions

by James Barber on 23 October 2014

Considerable business pressure built up until the airports commission was created. This was despite residents close to London airports and along flight paths frankly having had enough of aircraft noise. Things like the tiny number of night flights still being allowed have really antagonised many many Londoners. Labour politicians are for Heathrow expansion. The Conservatives […]

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Early Health Warnings

by James Barber on 20 October 2014

Children are great incubators and spreaders of bugs. Hence why flu vaccine is being rolled out to UK children. Nurseries try really hard to install good hygiene but it isn’t easy – they still lapse. New Scientist has reported a study of 4 Michigan nurseries caring for 600 under-fives where each nursery reported illnesses online. […]

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European Code Against Cancer

by James Barber on 19 October 2014

Earlier this week the International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organisation, launched a new code against cancer focused on what people in Europe can do to halve our chances of cancer. Currently each year in the European Union 2.66 million new cancer cases and 1.28 million people die from cancer […]

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David Laws Letter

by James Barber on 18 October 2014

Last year we formally launched our campaign for a new local secondary school. We’ve been so successful that over 750 families have signed up to give there support and two school providers have applied to open it – Haberdashers’ and Charter. But the same thorny issue could potentially scupper the brilliant school we all want […]

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European Human Rights

by James Barber on 12 October 2014

Increasingly politicians and press from the right have been decrying the European Court of Human Rights. November 1950 European Convention on Human Rights was agreed. But their is little point of a convention without the teeth of a court to uphold it. So the attacks on the court are really attacks on the convention. The […]

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Southwark School Meals – update

by James Barber on 7 October 2014

Eighteen months ago I highlighted Southwark Labours appalling record of ensuring schools meals in Southwark are healthy had dramatically improved after shining a light of their terrible performance¬†¬†with 32 schools having only 1-3 stars May 2012. So how are things now? Southwark Labour was so stung by their poor results they now keep a separate […]

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New Dulwich Police Base

by James Barber on 6 October 2014

Boris Johnson our conservative Mayor of London closure of East Dulwich Police station in June 2013 without a suitable replacement has been a disaster for local Policing. By the local Police management own admission at a Dulwich Community Council meeting our local Police now spend a third of their time traveling to and from our […]

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Bakerloo Line Extension

by James Barber on 5 October 2014

For over 100 years London has talked about extending the Bakerloo line south. Extending it even started in the 1950′s but stopped after 18 months of building work. The Mayor of London and Transport for London have released their London Infrastructure Plan 2050. It includes a Bakerloo line extension with little relationship to the past […]

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