by James Barber on 30 September 2014

For some time face to face surgeries have seen far fewer people attending. Cllr Rosie Shimell and I have offered home visits, phone calls and mobile surgeries. The next logical step is eSurgeries. If you’d like to see me for a face to face chat but over a Skype video call then please just get […]

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Ensuring Proper Dulwich School Provision

by James Barber on 26 August 2014

Southwark Council is about to embark on the journey towards a new Southwark Plan. We have three local problems around the planning designation we need to resolve to ensure proper state school provision in the Dulwich area. I have formally requested the councillor Cabinet member for Regeneration who is responsible for this [email protected] please let […]

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One of the biggest problems is local councils out of the blue charging council leaseholders huge amounts for general maintenance. Often this appears to come from councils just not professionally planning ahead. I’m proud to say that A cap has just been introduced to limit the amount local authorities and housing associations can charge leaseholders […]

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Postage Stamp Secondary School

by James Barber on 1 August 2014

Since starting the secondary school debate and campaign in East Dulwich the key has always been where to put it. The only obvious space is the two-thirds of the Dulwich Hospital site that are no longer required for health facilities. So the site for both secondary schoo,l campaigns is key. I’ve written an open letter […]

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Harris ED Free Primary School – Temp site

by James Barber on 23 July 2014

Last night the planning application submitted in May was finally granted planning permission for the temporary site to house the Harris East Dulwich Free Primary School. The planning application was submitted 23 May and should have been decided by 16 July but Southwark Council didnt wanted to give planning permission to a Harris school and […]

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More Poor Southwark Uni Kids

by James Barber on 21 July 2014

London and Southwark have seen a dramatic increase in the number and proportion of our poor children going onto university. At 63% of young people from the poorest families going onto university this is a higher proportion than children from wealthier families in all other parts of the country. Well done to all those schools, teachers, […]

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Southwark Council Fraud

by James Barber on 20 July 2014

Southwark Council officers have won a number of awards for cracking down on fraud. It’s been a long journey over many years working well with the Police, fraud specialists and supported by all councillors to get serious about fraud. Reactive fraud work for the last financial year resulted in 290 sanctions around council rented properties […]

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Southwark Says Economy On The Up

by James Barber on 18 July 2014

Southwark Council has to record all the risks it is at risk from. The latest report from Southwark Council officers to the Audit & Governance Committee I sit on stated that risk from the economy have dropped from 8% to 6%. That’s a big drop and good news of how council officers responsible dispassionately for […]

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Pot Hole Chaos

by James Barber on 17 July 2014

During 2013/14 the number of people making claims against Southwark Council for damage caused to them by using Southwark Highways rocketed from 233 claims in 2012/13 to 299 in 2013/14. A huge 28% increase. Sadly this isn’t an aberration. 2011/12 to 2012/13 it also increase from 187 to 233 claims. Another 25% increase. This will […]

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Southwark Businesses Owed £39M

by James Barber on

Reviewing Southwark’s draft 13/14 accounts (page 138) they show a financial provision estimating that Southwark businesses with appeals against the Business Rates (NNDR) are expected to win £39M ! 30% of this will come from Southwark Council and 70% from the Great London Authority and the Government. This is a result of the pickle of the […]

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