2010 Six To Fix

In 2010 Lib Dem councillors promised if they were again re elected to serve East Dulwich residents…

Liberal Democrats will continue to oppose the plans of London’s Labour Mayor to designate Dulwich as “urban” (meaning six storey buildings). We will protect its “suburban”, low-rise character. We will work to enhance the diverse range of local independent shops and businesses. We will continue to work for cleaner, safer and more accessible rail stations at East Dulwich, West Dulwich and Herne Hill.

· Fight to keep the East Dulwich Police station.
· Support Lordship Lane as a shopping high street by making it more shopper friendly –
this will include a crossing outside Somerfield/Coop – and helping improve shop
· Rollout 20mph across Dulwich.
· Continue and extend our tree-planting fund, which has installed 220 new trees so far
in East Dulwich alone planted where residents want them.
· New Home Insulation Fund – insulating worst offenders and cutting CO2.
· Improving public transport, cycle lanes and increasing car club support.

How did we do?

We fought to keep East Dulwich Police station – but finally were beaten by Boris Johnson closing it months after promising to keep it.

Lordship Lane – we achieved an extra two safe crossing points which immediately made it a better place to shop. We have helped improved shop front on Underhill Road.

20mph across Dulwich. All East Dulwich ward streets wholly in the ward became 20mph. Roads we share with other wards remained 30mph – Barry Road, East Dulwich Grove, Grove Vale, East Dulwich Road, Lordship lane south from Whateley Road. So of the 65 streets in East Dulwich 60 were made 20mph.

Tree Planting. Every year we dedicated £10,000 to tree planting. Over 100 new trees in the area.

Insulation Fund. We trialled this fund but found little take up. So we concentrated on promoting the government scheme and introduced over 50 residents to that scheme.

Transport. We boosted car club support by funding a doubling of car club cars in the area. We ensured all streets were two-way for cyclists making East Dulwich much more permeable to cyclists. We organised funding for an additional covered area at East Dulwich station.

What we didn’t promise was new schools. That became an emergent strategy as the school place crisis has unfolded.

When we review our progress we were chuffed at the improvements we’ve led for the area.But I’m especially pleased with new schools directly initiated and led by Lin Dem East Dulwich councillors.

More Bobbies

For many years various campaigns have called for 900 or 1,000 Police officers in Southwark. Pretty random round numbers plucked out of thin air. And it is very appealing to campaign for more Police officers.

In Dulwich we don’t so much need more Police officers as much as Police officers organised back into Safer Neighbourhood Teams based in East Dulwich. We used to have 15 police officers between the Village ward and East Dulwich ward SNT teams with further dedicated school Police officers. They worked alternate weeks. So we regularly had 6 or 7 Police officers covering our area. As they were based in the former East Dulwich police station the instant they started their shifts they were policing the Dulwich area.

To help maximise our local Police officers effectiveness we’ve also provided hundreds of thousands of pounds to fund crime prevention they recommend. Things lice free property marking kits for residents, alert boxes for local businesses, free bike locks, speed guns, gating alleyways, better street lighting, and many other projects.

But now these Dulwich Police officers are shared with Camberwell and based in Camberwell. They spend roughly a third of their time travelling to and from Camberwell to Dulwich and East Dulwich. A totally avoidable waste of time. So our 15 officers are now effectively 10 officers in real terms.

So for the Dulwich area we don’t need more Police officers but rather officers who spend 100% of their time serving the communities they’re allocated to help.



East Dulwich Highway Renewals

Every year we have a little devolved highway renewals money to allocate on East Dulwich ward.

This year we’ve decided to allocated our 2015/16 £38.095 on:

1. £24,843 on renewing the pavement along Lordship Lane eastern side going northwards from North Cross Road.

2. £13,252 remaining on repairing the pavement on Landells Road not repaied this financial year. The total cost would be £37,257 Goodrich Road to lordship lane along landells Road but we have to start somewhere.

Sadly we don’t have sufficient money £88,636 in our devolved pot to resurface Rodwell Road footways. Sorry.

Local Station Stats

The latest estimates of railway train stations are out from the Office of Rail Regulator.

It is fascinating to see rapid increases in passenger number for Denmark Hill and Loughborough Junction - is it ticket enforcement or more passengers?

Station Name 1314 Entries & Exits 1213 Entries & Exits Change
Brixton      942,548      896,848 5%
Denmark Hill     5,166,040     3,935,776 31%
East Dulwich     2,119,018     2,104,766 1%
Gipsy Hill     1,992,136     1,943,522 3%
Herne Hill     3,308,970     2,918,610 13%
Loughborough Junction     1,386,290     1,182,914 17%
North Dulwich      869,276      839,378 4%
Norwood Junction     3,758,122     3,544,748 6%
Sydenham Hill      643,928      585,176 10%
Tulse Hill     2,442,126     2,145,064 14%
West Dulwich     1,025,312      949,754 8%
West Norwood     2,118,260     2,073,698 2%

What do you think is the cause?

Are you using trains more?



Keeping Warm This winter

If you are or know an older resident and help is needed to keep warm this winter please direct them to the Warm & Well In Winter project.

Six key things AgeConcern told me:

1. Stay Warm In Your Home. Keep your home 18-21 degrees C. Wear plenty of thin layers so you can easilly adjust your termperature.  If you need to wear bed socks, thermal underwaear and a nightcap at night.

2. Get Financial Support. There are grants, bemefits and avice avaialb to improve your homes energy efficiency, heting system and controls.

3. Eat Well And Drink Regularlry. Food is the bodies fuel giving us energy. So make sure you eat well and keep hydrated. Nothing quite like a hot meal or drink to warm you up. great idea is a flask of hot drink or soup to wake up to in the morning.

4. Get A Flu Jab. They’re free for everyone over 65 and those with long-term medical conditions and for others only cost around £9. Flu nasal sprays are free for infants 2-4 years old. If you get a cold or flue do rest and potentially stay in bed. Get well and make sure you keep hydrated.

5. Look After Yourself And Others. On cold days wrap up well and keep warm. Keep an eye out for others and make sure they’re alert and have everything they need to follow these 6 key things.

6. Have Heating And Cooking Appliances Checked. Carbon monoxide is a killer.

Lambeth residents can call 020 7346 6800 for further advice.

Southwark residents can call 020 7358 4077.

Southwark Civic Awards 2015

Nominations for the 2015 Southwark Civic Awards should be submitted by the 31 January 2015.

These awards are recommended by the Southwark Civic Association an independent non-political organisation. The actual awards are then confirmed by Southwark Councillors.

There are two main categories of Award, which satisfy most circumstances: Letter of Commendation or Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Boroughs of Southwark, Bermondsey or Camberwell

In addition, and in exceptional circumstances, there are options for further Awards, as appropriate: Mayor’s Discretionary Award, Southwark Lifetime Award, Young Southwark Civic Award and something … of the Year Award


Letter of Commendation – A Letter of Commendation may be awarded to a nominee who has demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the life of the local community, usually for a period exceeding five years.

Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough – A Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough will be considered when a nominee has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the life of the community, usually for a period exceeding ten years.

Mayor’s Discretionary Award – A Mayor’s Discretionary Award may be made to an individual/organisation that, during the Mayor’s term of office, has attracted special notice for exceptional community activity.

Southwark Lifetime Award – A Southwark Lifetime Award may be recommended where an individual has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the life of the community, typically for a period exceeding twenty years.

Young Southwark Civic Award A Young Southwark Civic Award may be made to a young person of 18 and under who has demonstrated exceptional community spirit and civic responsibility but, by virtue of their age, is ineligible for a Letter of Commendation.

… of the Year Award – An ‘…. of the Year Award’ may be made where a nominee’s contribution is considered to be an outstanding example of a specific commitment, action or activity in the year of nomination. Some may be made in conjunction with Volunteer Centre Southwark and Community Action Southwark.


An individual whose unpaid voluntary activity is unrelated to, or additional to, the nominee’s current employment

A community group, organisation or business which is based in, and/or benefits the Southwark community.


Serving members of the Court of the Southwark Civic Association

Current elected members of Southwark Council

Employees of Southwark Council (unless for unpaid voluntary activity which is unrelated to or additional to current employment)

Previous Honorands of equal or greater Awards



Christmas Fairs

Lots of Christams events over this weeked and the next.

I hope to see you at some of them.

Christmas Cracker – Saturday 6 December Street festival with all the trimmings around Lordship Lane and North Cross Road formally starting at 11am.

St.Anthony’s School Christmas Fair – Saturday 12-3pm 6 December Santa’s grotto, carol singing, Christmas crafts, Irish coffees,mince pies.

Goodrich School Winter Fair – Saturday 2-5pm 6 December. Santa with elf helpers and huskies. Decorations and stalls.

Horniman Museum Christmas Fair - Sunday 10.30am-5pm 7 December. Christmas gifts, seasonal singalong, choirs, family trail, parades, facepainting and enjoy festive food.

Goose Green School Christmas Fair – Friday 4.30pm 12 December. Stalls, bands and choirs. Great end to the week – I hope to see your there.

Heber School Christmas Fair – Sunday 11am-2pm 14 December – festive mix of Santa’s grotto, games, fun, japes and good cheer!

Short changed Bakerloo Line Extension Stations

TfL are currently consulting on extending the Bakerloo line via one of two routes – Old Kent Road or via Camberwell. Please whatever you do respond to the public consultation tell TfL that both routes are required.

They propose two station on either route, Old Kent Road 1 & 2 stations on one route, and Camberwell and Peckham on the other route. That’s 2 stations over 5km on the Old Kent Road route or 6km on the Camberwell route.

South Londoners are being seriously short-changed with only two stations being proposed for each branch.

The Bakerloo line is 23km long with 25 stations. That means both proposed branches of an extended Bakerloo line should have 5 stations over the first branch and 6 over the latter proposed branch. Any less means South Londoners are being taken for ride.

Kensal Park and Kilburn Park are no more populous than Camberwell or Peckham.

Please tell TfL in the public consultation that they need to ensure we get a fair number of stations.


Leave Europe!

Here’s an interesting quote about Europe:

“Those who would pull us out of Europe must come to terms with the damage that would do to our people. Even the threat of withdrawal destroys jobs. Firms that invest in Europe often decide to come to Britain. Labour’s threat to withdraw makes companies hesitate to look elsewhere. That Labour threat is losing us jobs now.”

The author? Margaret Thatcher.

She attacked the then Eurosceptic Labour Party with these words while Prime Minister.

You could replace Labour with UKIP for Europesceptism but the sentiment would be the same about unnecessary risks to our economy and jobs.

Camberwell Station or not that is the question?

Camberwell, Walworth Road and Borough Road stations were closed during WWI. They were already dieing stations after the tram network covered SE London. Why wait up to 15 mins for a train when a tram will be along every minute or so. WWI was just the final excuse closing these and other stations to release manpower.

But the trams closed in the early 1950′s leaving Camberwell and Walworth Road without decent public transport. The zillions of buses are helpful but are not the same as a public mass transit system.

We’ve had a large number of campaigns for a new mass transit system. Primarily focused on extending the Bakerloo line to Camberwell and beyond. They even started construction in there early 1950′s. TfL are currently consulting on extending the Bakerloo line. TfL have stated:

“4.1.4.  NationalRailalternativeshavealsobeenconsidered.Althoughnotofferingarealistic alternative to the BLE, it is recognised that other possible changes to the National Rail network do provide value in a more localised context and would benefit from further consideration. For example, the reopening of Camberwell station on the Thameslink route is being pursued by the London Borough of Southwark, with support from TfL.”


Others are now suggesting we campaign for both a Bakerloo extension to Camberwell AND reopening Camberwell railway station. Somehow they’ve forgotten about Walworth Road railway station which also desperately needs better public transport.

But will campaigning for a Camberwell railway station and Bakerloo Line extension via Camberwell result in just the railway station?

It is a real risk that will occur. I would suggest the risk isn’t worth taking. WE by far primarily want the Bakerloo line via Camberwell.

A new station added to existing railway lines would only cost around £16m. That’s how much the new Kirkstall Forge station cost with £9.5m coming from the coalition government and it will only take one year for all the works to be completed. So it would make sense for TfL and the government to placate demands in Camberwell with one or even two railway station – Camberwell and Walworth Road.

So beware people suggesting we can go from no mass transit public transport services to two. Effectively this is campaigning to be short changed with just a railway station and no tube line and a 4 trains at best service per hour into Blackfriars railway station.