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I am a hard working father who has lived in the area since 1988. This is the area my wife and I chose to bring our family up for the very long-term, so I’m passionate about making our neighbourhood the best it can possibly be.

I was brought up on a council estate, in a single parent family, going to still failing schools. I’ve been fortunate. That background means I’m committed to ensuring that everyone has real opportunities to escape poverty and ignorance. This means great schools, good housing, really decently paid jobs.

As a child I was roped into helping local Lib Dems delivering leaflets, host committee rooms. Then a huge gap until I found myself living in the middle of a gyratory road system. My then local Labour councillor wasn’t wiling to directly solve this but suggested how I could. I’ve never looked back. I led a campaign that got rid of that gyratory, radically improving a local park in the process, chaired Southwark Cyclists for a number of years growing it to over 600 members. Became a trustee of an environmental charity, trustee of a local charity aiding poorer elderly residents and a school governor. And then I was asked to help with the local Lib Dems by the then Lib Dem councillor Richard Thomas and gradually got more and more involved.

It’s my natural home. I’m Liberal and believe passionately in democracy. What’s not to like!

My interests are the environment. l having a Post grad Certificate in Environmental Decision Making amongst a number of other Open University courses. The OU has been my educational salvation.

In 2006 I stood and succeeded as a local councillor in East Dulwich, London Borough of Southwark. I’ve held a number of extra councillor roles while keeping a normal regular day job. I was re elected in 2010 and 2014 and asked to stand as our local Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in 2015.

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  1. Kate says:

    I’m keen to give you my vote but your website is absolutely laden with errors which might cause some to not taken you seriously. It reads as though you wrote it on your phone while waiting for the bus. Please please get it copy edited properly.

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