Three Thousand Not Represented

Southwark Council pays for its employees union reps to have time off to undertake their duties properly. Holding an employer to account for H&S, fair treatment of members, etc. is a critical union function. Wage rates are set centrally.

Roughly1,500 union members work for Southwark Council:

Union Mar-13 Mar-14 Nov-15
Unite/Amicus Sect 35 35 22
GMB/Apex 74 67 94
GMB/ATU 40 33 32
TGWU 1 0
UCATT 99 94 112
Unison 1459 1481 1240
Grand Total 1707 1711 1500

The council funds union representatives by £142,901 FY14/15. Compared to the wage bill this seems good value.

It does beg the question who represents the other 3,000 council employees to the councils management. No staff council, employee consultative forum, or similar exists as many modern organisations have. I personally think it’s a shame the remaining 3,000 employees don’t have direct representation about the changes Southwark Council goes through. That the only choice they have is joining a union or not being represented.

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