East Dulwich Double Yellow Lines

Southwark Labour proposed earlier this year to have 10m of double yellow lines added to East Dulwich junctions. So for a 4 way junction 10m on each side of each junction would result in 80m of double yellow lines. We have a lot of junctions WOW circa 10km of parking would be removed across Dulwich.

We’ve objected and finally had agreement that ward councillors will review all such junctions and make our counter proposals. This is what I’ve proposed to my ward colleagues – maximum of 2m of double yellow lines from the apex of each corner. Cllr Rosie Shimell has confirmed she agrees┬áso we’re now just waiting for the Labour councillor to agree or make alternate proposals for us to consider

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What do you think?

3 thoughts on “East Dulwich Double Yellow Lines

  1. C Walter says:

    I would like to know what you’re planning to do about the overstretched parking in Duwlich. Commuters continue to park near the station who drive from far away in order to have cheaper fares plus with the new shops and increasingly attractive lordship lane and estate agents parking is becoming very diff ultimate for residents.

    Surely it’s about time we take a logical approach to this and introduce residents parking permits???? We must be one of the few zone two boroughs not to have residents parking zones…

  2. There should hopefully be no need for permits if we can last out another 4 years. TfL are pushing hard on autonomous vehicles which will, overtime, reduce the requirement for parking as Londoners begin to transition into an on-demand model of personal transportation (think UBER without humans). It will essentially make taxis slightly more expensive than the train but much more convenient.

    As such, parked vehicles (in London) will reduce over time as it will be more cost effective and much more convenient to not own a car. With our current model of car ownership, cars spend 94% of their time parked up which is total waste. Compare this to airplanes which are pretty much running 95% of their lifetime.

    The new autonomous-ready mass market Teslas go into production next year and other car manufacturers like Volvo are pushing hard.

    This may all seem like Blade Runner nonsense but it’s happening right now.

  3. To follow up with the main point, I would also pushback any double yellow line extension plans given the same reasoning. It will just make parking extremely frustrating in East Dulwich for very little gain.

    Even with the 2m proposal, that’s still 2km of lost parking space. With the average UK car length of 4.8m and allowing for a 60cm gap between vehicles that means (2000m / (4.8m+1.2m)) = 300 lost parking spaces.

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