Term Times

I read with amazement how the Local Government Association – the national trade body for councils – have suggested families should find it easier to take their children out of school and on holidays during school term times.
Local councils have nothing to stop them changing term times so that families can go on holiday outside the normal holiday times when holidays can be so very expensive.
The LGA and London councils are the ideal bodies to help facilitate all councils coordinating term times around in a manner so all families have the chance for cheaper holidays without causing other knock on impacts. But instead they’re telling us families should legitimately be able to bunk off school!
In Southwark we now have good attendance record for school children. This has taken a lot of hard work from teachers and families. Let’s not wreck all this great progress by a knee jerk avoidance of councils taking responsibility for when schools are on holidays.
If you think Southwark Council should move term time dates or not – please tell me.

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