Labour Amnesia

Do you remember at the 2010 general election howLabour said it would slash public spending during this Parliament, with cuts bigger than Thatcher. Odd how Labour doesn’t mention that much these days…







What short memories Ed Milliband must think we have.

2 thoughts on “Labour Amnesia

  1. Chris Sealey says:

    Do you not think that instead of talking about what Alistair Darling, someone who isn’t in the Labour cabinet, said five years ago is pretty much irrelevant. Instead of political point scoring why don’t you and the rest of the Liberal Democrats focus on what you believe in and stand for. Because most of the population seem to have forgotten and thats how you should win back support. Not from cheap digs.

    • James Barber says:

      Hmm, over the last 5 years Labour have opposed just about every cut. But it’s clear they would have cut back on spending to save the economy to a very similar degree.
      We’re being clear – we’re introduced triple lock on pensions, will ensure the NHS has the £8bn it says it needs by 2020, high levels of apprenticeships, keep the pupil premium, not cut like crazed tories and not spend like Labour never never land policies.

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