Greendale farce

I’m agog but sadly not surprised by the farce that is the huge budget being spent on ‘improving’ Greendale cycle and pedestrian route.

I use this route most days walking or cycling.

From the following pictures you can see demonstrate this section didn’t need any maintenance –Champion Hill to Wanley Road

It is deeply disappointing to see cycle investment money solely being used for what has turned into a maintenance project. No attempt has been made to improve the utility of this section for cyclists or pedestrians – which fails to meet London Cycle Network guidance.
In fact the kerb to be placed instead of a white line will add danger for cyclists and pedestrians reducing utility. The cycle lane is so narrow that for cyclists to pass each other they have to cross the white line. But crossing a kerb at such an angle is likely to see  cyclists  toppled. The same will apply for people walking. A kerb would only make sense if the route was widened which it isn’t. I predict a rise in people suing the council.

Council Officers have even confirmed this section is already substandard in design and used that as an argument to only undertake maintenance. Adding a kerb will further reduce the quality of this section. And the council claims its short of money!

The route is used by a partially sighted resident who has a guide dog with no stick. So again not even extra utility for the partially sighted existing user.

I genuinely don’t think the responsible cabinet councillor Barrie Hargrove desires this or is trying to achieve this with the very limited cycle capital budgets he has. But he’s fully aware of all these issues and doesn’t appear to be taking any action before workers were on site or now that they’ve stalled because they forgot to order the required materials.

Overall a great deal on money is being sent on Greendale but I perceive zero improvements to the cycleability or walkability of this route. But the southern end will look a little nicer once the raised bed has some planting.


The cycle path is nomially 2.0m wide (and footpath 1.5m wide) – but the cycle path immediately abutts a prickly hedge that for much of the year need trimming and if you ignore the lampposts present in the cycle lane.

The London Cycle Network, of which this path is part of route 23, Design Guide has a number of references saying what we have is substandard and what is planned  is still substandard – despite the large sums being spent.

Table 2.7.9 from the LCN guidelines states for segregated paths with a kerb, which is what is planned to add, that the footway should be 1.5m and the cycle track 2.5m.

The guidelines also state in section2.6.3 that where posts (lamp posts in this case) are on the track an extra 0.5. Width should be added.
I would also expect the guidance of 0.5m clear area either side of the cycle track and footway as guided in section 2.6.4.

So if you really want to put a kerb please widen the cycle track by 1.0m and ensure extra 0.5m either side.

We’d then have a section of path that meet the LCN guidelines.

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