Herne Hill Velodrome

Southwark’s Planning Committee meet this coming Tuesday 29 January to decide on Herne Hill Velodrome’s future.

Two planning applications.




This application is to install track lighting so that cycling can go on into the mid evening. 55 x 5.5 posts holding 150W halide lights. Lots of design effort has gone into avoiding light going anywhere but directly down onto the tracks. The designers state that away from the track it will feel like bright moonlight.



This application is to build a 250m flat junior track into the main 400m banked track. Plus a multi use games area – effectively to replace the current football pitch – which can also be used for bike polo.

Overall I’m strongly in favour of these applications. They’re an important step in making Herne Hill Velodrome sustainable going forward. Fingers crossed the planning committee also believes this and grant permission.





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