More car club cars?

For several years the car club cars in Southwark have been run by Zipcars.

So far 90 car club cars have been deployed into Southwark. We’ve really tried supporting this in East Dulwich by finding extra funding to ensure 10 of those 90 are in East Dulwich. We’ve even taken the extraordinary step of asking Zipcars for 5,500 Zipcar leaflets and delivered them to all the homes in East Dulwich ward.

Why? For every car club car around 25 private cars are taken of off the road. Great way of trying to cope with car parking pressures in the area.

During the last year Zipcar revenues have gone up by 41%. Predictaitons that signed up car share members will rise from 2.3 million to 26 million by 2020.

So I’m hopeful that the announcement by Avis that they’re buying Zipcars and plan a massive rapid expansion will mean lots more car sharing across Southwark.

Fingers crossed?

Would you consider joining Zipcars and car sharing?

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