Buldge classes for September 2013

This morning the Labour led council have announced all the bulge classes they propose for September 2013:

  • Albion, Bessemer Grange, Crawford, Dog Kennel Hill, Ivydale and Langbourne will all take an additional 30 reception pupils
  • Camelot, Charles Dickens, and Grange will each take an additional 15 reception pupils.  In addition Keyworth had already agreed to take an additional 15 pupils in 2013 and this information was included in the  2013 primary booklet.

So 7.5 extra temporary forms of primary school entries.

But the last cabinet papers pages 92-100 stated we’d need an extra 7-11 forms of entry to cope with September 2013 for Southwark. Zero margin for error and the one major lesson from the last four years of primary school admissions is you need to have margins for error.

For the Dulwich area where its predicted we’ll need 2-2.5 extra forms of entry for September 2013 only 2 are being provided. But we also have the issue that the schools taking bulge classes are in locations people don’t find easy to get to – Langbourne and Bessemer Grange. It’s as if Labour have given up on helping Dulwich.


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