Operation Nexus

The Met Police have been working much more closely with the UK Boarder Agency. They estimate roughly a third of London’s 8 million residents are not UK nationals.

Taking this into account it is reassuring that less than a third of the people arrested in London are foreign nationals, 27%. But that is still a lot of people. Over 70,000 prisoners a year.

The problems the Police have is that they don’t have great processes or systems to then check whether such prisoners are wanted abroad, are illegally here, etc. hence the work with the UK Border Agency. The UK Border Agency also have the ability to decide that such prisoners have broken their right to remain in Britain by not ‘being of good behaviour’ and can then remove them.

A further step is the Met Police working more closely with other European Police forces so that the most serious criminality forensic evidence is shared potentially sovling other serious crimes here and abroad.

I must say I feel reasonably reassured that this is a sensible step.

What do you think?

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