Green Dale changes

Southwark Council directly and indirectly are planning some big changes to the incredibly popular Green Dale cycle and walking route.

Cycling alone in the  4 months April to August has seen a total of 39,287 cyclists using this route. That implies over  100,000 cycle movements along this route a year.

The changes at the northern end to reduce car blocking with Champion Hill and at the southern end removing excessive bollards and planting look good. The middle section, Wanley Road junction, sees a hedges usefully cut back to increase safety with further changes of adding bollards which looks daft and dangerous.

To compound the middle proposals a Planning Application has been made that would increase the tunnelling affect by narrowing Green Dale and adding blank hedge frontage just south of Wanley Road junction with Green Dale:


I’ve asked the Cabinet member for Transport Cllr Barrie Hargrove to amend his middle plans and not added unnecessary bollards. I’ve formally objected to the Planning Application.

Fingers crossed common sense prevails.

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