Gut of the problem

Recent research has again emphasised how important the guy flora we all have is.

This time it highlights that too much antibiotics leads to greater obesity. Southwark has some of the highest youth obesity in the country so this is a potentially really big issue and important research finding.

The obsession with universal free school meal provision at a huge cost is probably going to have zero impact. Indeed in Islington they’ve seen an increase in obesity from taking this measure.

What we need is some quick research to investigate whether Southwark – with its large ethnic communities – is somehow on the receiving end of more antibiotics than other communities and whether this is a major contributory factor.

If it is then it would be relatively easy to address stopping the worst excesses of over antibiotic prescribing and to re populate our citizens especially childrens with relatively good gut flora. Further research is also required on firmly establishing what excellent gut flora looks like.

One thought on “Gut of the problem

  1. Graham Neale says:

    If only we stopped, and took a good look at we we call healthcare, and the way it has been destroyed by vested interests of the pharma companies.
    Our high streets are full of takeaways and chemists shops, but no one makes the connection.
    Meanwhile the green grocers are squeezed out by micro-supermarkets.

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