Dulwich Sculpture Award

I wish I was announcing the biannual Dulwich Sculture Aware.

With the recent theft of the Barbara Hepworth public sculpture from Dulwich Park the insurance is likely to pay out in the region of £500,000. The council appears minded to find a piece of public art to replace the one stolen and currently deciding how to choose a piece.

But what a great opportunity to use the money to create and endow a biannual sculpture award. Hopefully Tate Modern or the Dulwich Picture Gallery would be willing to run it.

We could then display all entrants in Dulwich Park for a month with the winning piece displayed for longer perhaps until the next round of competition.

This would create ongoing interest, involve our local world renown art galleries. compared to buying a piece which however lovely will eventually be taken for granted as indeed was the Barbara Hepworth until its sad loss.

One thought on “Dulwich Sculpture Award

  1. ATulloch says:

    Hm, not sure about this. You just need to glance around the web or talk to local people to understand that the Hepworth sculpture was far from “taken for granted” as evidenced by the amount of sadness expressed on its theft.

    I enjoyed the continuity it provided, and I’m not sure a regularly replaced statue would seem appropriate. Personally I’d rather see a permanently installed piece by an artist of similar caliber.

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