12 points and not out

Amazingly over 2,800 drivers in London have more than 12 points on their driving licenses and are still being allowed to drive.

12 points 1,596 drivers still driving

15 points 225 drivers still driving

20 points 23 drivers still driving

25+ points 2 drivers still driving – 1 with 25 points and 1 with 30 points!

With a Loughborough University showing a clear link between number of points a driver has and their propensity to commit crime it seem beyond bizarre that so many London drivers are not barred from driving when they commit offences.

What makes these people so special that their allowed to keep on driving?

One thought on “12 points and not out

  1. Nonconformistradical says:

    How about this

    I don’t really approve of the ‘exceptional hardship’ excuse being used – but clearly some of these people must have been using it repeatedly – there can be no justification for their getting away with it more than once.

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