Goose Green roundabout

The Labour council have issued plans to radically change Goose Green roundabout.

They tried such changes the last time Labour led the council in 2001. I recall the public meeting where the then Labour councillor Nick Dolezal tried to persuade local East Dulwich residents that we would prefer traffic lights or a radically changed roundabout so more cars and lorries can pass through our area more quickly every day. 

He also revealed that Goose Green roundabout defies highway planners by having an unprecedented low collission rate.

The attached plans are the current attempt by council officers to make more road space to speed up traffic at Goose Green. The fig leaf of an excuse is lorry damage to the roundabout brick wall. Very occasionally a lorry will hit such a roundabout but if the council never repairs it it will look much worse. And the council hasn’t repaired the roundabout for nearly two years now. Apparently its to dangerous to repair the brick work – but not so dangerous they can;t remove all of the roundabout brick work, shrink the roundabout by 6 feet and resurface the road – hypocrites comes to mind.

Take a look at the plans – Proposed Goose Green roundabout

Do you think Goose Green roundabout should be changed?

2 thoughts on “Goose Green roundabout

  1. Stuart Martin says:

    Mad idea. Cannot support that hipocrytical view.

  2. Stuart Martin says:

    Mad idea.
    Cannot support sucha hipocritical idea!

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