Bus Route 12 changes

From November 2011 the bendy buses on bus route 12 will be changed to normal double deckers. This will make the lives of those on Etherow Street far more bearable. I’ve just responded to the formal consultation.

To compensate for smaller passenger loads per bus more buses will run. So overall slightly better frequency. Equally bendy buses have a reputation as ‘free buses’ so capacity can be marginally reduced as you can’t get on a normal double decker without paying.

Only caveat I have is that countdown real time bus information wont be isntalled at all bus stops. Waiting around for 30 minutes at nighttime is bad enough but not having information if a bus is cancelled could see a wait of upto 90minutes. Having information means passengers can change their plans.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Bus Route 12 changes

  1. Rick Toomer says:

    Will the increase in frequency account for the loss of capacity on the buses? I don’t know Etherow Street. What is the impact there?

  2. James Barber says:

    Bendy-buses have always found it very hard to navigate from Lordship Lane in Friern Road and then even trickier into Etherow Street. Residents have suffered many more bus car collissions.

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